Manjari Mishra

From the Royal Family of Ayodhya , Manjari Mishra finished her education in Law and found her calling in the world of designing. She launched Shilpmanjari as an endevour to preserve and recreate the old styles and art in the world of clothing and accessories. Shilpmanjari is sartorial storytelling where each piece conveys a story long forgotten. She was always interested in handicrafts and fashion and pursued them as hobbies. However when she realized the growing urgency to preserve the art which was disappearing rapidly in front of her eyes, she took a bold step and professionally launched her brand in 2012. It is her labour of love and passion Manjari designs each item individually and everything is handmade.

Based in Ayodhya, Shilpmanjari products are carried by artistes such as Shubha Mudgal. Geeta Chandran, Malini Awasthi, Sunanda Sharma, Corporate personalities like Shijini Kumar of Citibank along with the royal families of Udaipur, Orchha, Jaisalmer among many others.

Manjari is working to revive the spirit of regalia in the world of fashion and to promote the local artisans and their art.


Here is a sneak peek from our workshop. The whole process of designing and creating the pieces is a work of art. The motifs are inspired from classical designs and chosen from a long line of traditional craftsmanship. The whole process is done by hand and each piece is aesthetically curated to fit the design.The materials are sourced from far and wide. Precious and semi-precious stones add a regal glamour and allure to each uniquely designed tassel.